10:35am Tuesday December 5th

I’m at work with my boring job and I’m already bored of what I have to do.

At 10:35, I had just opened up Reddit on my iPad. I haven’t done this for a while here at work. Yesterday I got to play with Excel quite a bit until I got tired of it locking up my computer. Then I studied Spanish. I started testing/training myself for telling time en Español but there’s a lot of practice involved so I took a break with my iPad. I actually pulled it out to play a game or read… but I first have to check on Reddit.

5:25pm Monday December 4th

I had just gotten home from my boring job. One of the things there that is good about it, is I get home before 5:30 if I want. This will soon change and I’ll be heading to a Y that is 5 minutes away for work.

Before I got out of my car in the driveway, I texted Steven. “The house is all dark” he replied, “working away upstairs”. I need to train him to turn on a few lights around 4:30.

My Fitbit silent alarm went off just as I was approaching the front door.

3:05pm Sunday December 3rd

We were in the car (Dens) on our way to Shoprite. We had made an excursion out to a small town about 40 miles away for a Holiday Craft Festival, and it was a disappointment. Not what I was expecting. I was specifically after a ceramic mug, made by a potter not a machine. No luck. One lady sold pottery, but she was sold out of mugs. Bummer.

We had gotten back into town and were getting close to Shoprite. We had on our list, eggs, cold cuts and a few other things. I already have proteins and vegetables… we’d be set for food for a few days at least.

1:55pm Saturday December 2nd

I was just about to walk into Heartland Brewery for some liquid courage. I just finished rehearsal for a Flash Mob that will be in Central Park in the next hour. I’ve made it a tradition to have a beer before a performance, liquid courage I like to call it. One beer isn’t a big deal, but it does take a slight edge off any worries.

Cheers Everyone!

8:50pm Friday December 1st

I was in NYC and on the subway. Was at MoMa to see a friends exhibit which is part of the Club 57 Exhibit. Steven and declined the group offer of going out, and did our own thing. We rode the W train from 47th to 23rd. At 8:50 we’re were somewhere between those two points. We were aiming for Rolf’s which I thought might be zany busy, but it was more than that, a small place with about 100 people in line waiting to get in. That was a quick and easy NO for us.

4:45pm November 30th Thursday

I was at my ultra boring job and the boss was gone so I watched a video on my iPad. Not just any video, but SMILF on Showtime through the app. Of course I’m using earbuds, but I also made sure to tilt the screen away from other eyes and the security camera more or less above me (slightly to the left).

The boss doesn’t share his calendar, so it was a surprise when he left at 3pm for a doctors appointment. I wish I brought my knitting today.

9:40am November 28th

My job is boring. I’ll still uphold my vow of honestly reflecting what I was doing.

At 9:40am I was on Reddit commenting on the cancer subreddit about mouth sores. They really are the worst and there’s nothing that can be done until your WBC count goes up. I was pretty fucking low when it happened to me. I was at 100 and the normal range is 3500->9000 , like I said, pretty fucking low.

9:35am Monday November 27th

I’ve recently set up my Fitbit with a silent alarm every morning for my daily random moment.

I’m at work and had gone for a short walk for my hourly 250 steps. From my desk to the kitchen and back the long way, I can *just* get the steps I need doing that. This time however, I decided the toilet would be a good choice. I had just sat down to pee and my wrist starts buzzing! It’s my random time and I’m peeing. Had to happen eventually. Previously, I would’ve gotten back to my desk and would’ve guessed I was walking the hallways.

The first toilet stall I wanted to use wasn’t flushed. Weird, but no biggie. I pressed the button to flush it and it wasn’t working, it was completely dead. Oh well, I jumped to the next stall for my business (my silent alarm went off). I was pondering the idea of if I should report the non-working toilet to Rich, the facilities guy or not. When I swung by his office, he wasn’t there. But he was right there in the kitchen, so I let him know. He’s a nice guy.

4:50pm Sunday November 26th

I was just about at the corner of 8th Ave and 42nd. I was catching a bus home and it was scheduled to leave at 5pm. Unlike the man I’m married to, I can’t show up for a bus or train with a mere minute or two to spare. I’m of the mindset I need to be there about 10 minutes early – at the latest!

I spent the afternoon at the New York Public Library in the Rose Reading Room and managed to write over 3,600 words while there. It was a great space to hang out in, and that building itself is awesome! So happy I got several hours there. Plus, it’s actually the closest NY Public library I can get to coming from New Jersey and PABT.