7:05pm Thursday May 23rd

I was on County Rd in Secaucus. I had just picked up my husband from the train station. He wasn’t going to make his regular train, so I agreed to pick him up from Secaucus. Quicker and easier for him, but for the most part I’m not happy about doing a Secaucus run unless the pickup is no sooner than 7:15/7:30. Traffic can be bad on Rt 3 and I’d just rather skip it.

Tonight being on Country Rd is a different route we’re taking from the station lately. They’ve got construction going on this summer on Rt3 so its gone from Bad to Worse. I say screw that shit. We take a detour that is actually a fairly decent drive.

When my chime chimed, we were going past one of the Goya buildings, this one is very nice and new, I’m going to guess its their headquarters.  I have fantasies about working here one day, I love their products… there’s got to be a role for me somewhere in their operations.  I’m an Executive Assistant by the way, if you’re reading this Goya…

Wednesday May 23rd 11:45am

I was in the hospital – in recovery on the 6th floor. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?  Well this was a planned small surgical procedure to remove my power port from my chest.  I liked to call this the the uninstall of the port.  It was installed at the beginning of my cancer treatment in January of 2017. I finished treatment in May of 2017, and now being a year out from that, I can have my port removed.  A year is the most likely time my cancer would come back, and while I’m not 1,000% in the clear (that will never happen) but my risk more or less goes to that of everyone else after 2 years.

My small surgery didn’t take long and I wasn’t knocked out, just a simple incision on my chest, a pain med (Fentanyl) in my IV during, a few numbing Lidocaine shots to the incision site, and I was completely fine for it.  I’m writing this a few hours later, took some Advil and Tylenol when I got home and I’m fine.


5:40pm Tuesday May 22nd

I was on my laptop, prepping some information to interview my husband with later on this evening.  Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?  Well, he and I started a company 18 months ago, and among my tasks is Marketing.  One of the ways I think would be effective for our products and reaching our customers is to write a blog.  (Ha!  I know, someone that already blogs a daily diary, thinking a blog is good for business… but of course!)

We are combining industries, one of which is quite new and people don’t quite understand it.  We want to educate people about our processes and then they will feel good about utilizing our services. I want to remain anonymous here, so I won’t say what it is.

Last night we (primarily him) gave a talk to a classic car owners group about our services for such cars. It was about a 45-50 minute journey to get there. I thought I would make use of that time and “interview” him on several topics for the blog. He says I’m a better writer than him, but he’s more of the brains for the nuts and bolts of the business. So, by regularly picking his brain, I can craft these articles for our blog. It should come together nicely. I’m aiming to crank out 30 or so articles before launching the blog, so if I complete 5 per week, I should be good for a July launch.  🙂 Lots to do between now and then.

4:35pm Monday May 21st

Well, it was bound to happen… my random time chimed when I was on the toilet. I was peeing!  Yes, I’m human I and do that.  Lately A LOT.  My water bottle is 25oz and I have a cold so I’m keeping myself well hydrated.  Drinking lots means peeing a lot… so there I was at 4;35… peeing.

I had just gotten off the phone for a short phone interview.  Kinda weird, they called it a phone screen but it was more of an interview and was 30 minutes. A screen to me is less than 15 minutes… closer to 30 minutes it’s an interview.  Which if true, then it probably went well.  If I wasn’t what they were looking for it would’ve been shorter.  I still think its weird and mildly annoying that they have a phone screen plus an interview for a gig that is 4-6 weeks long. It could lead to something more, which would be nice (I expect).  So I’ll play their game.

Sunday 7:35pm May 20th

I was eating dinner, leftovers from the night before (green chicken chili) and I was in the living room. Shamefully, we seldom eat dinner at the dining table. We do if we have company or certain meals when the kids are here, we’ll eat at the table. 99% of the time its just the husband and I, and we’re in the living room.

We usually always watch something on TV while we eat. Usually we aim for a half hour show, lighter and fun as apposed to a drama of heaven forbid, something like the Walking Dead which we gave up on several years ago.

I have been watching Californication lately and now the husband wants to watch with me.  I understood that he previously watched the show, but it turns out he didn’t get to the 5th season… so now we watch it together.  Kinda interesting, he laughs A LOT at the BS that Hank pulls… While I can see the humor in it, it plays off as Male Fantasy to me. Like “this is what I dream of being like.. don’t give a shit” kind of attitude. A lot of it is very juvenile and I’m beyond that.  My husband?  Not as much as I thought he was. Oh well.

Saturday May 19th 9:15pm

I was sitting in the corduroy throne, with Steven and his good friend who stays with us once or twice a year. We had had a very good meal a earlier, Serious Eats Pressure Cooker Green Chicken Chili which I heartily recommend. It hit the spot very nicely.

After dinner we were hanging out in the living room listening to music. It was my phone and my playlists that were streaming. Alec really liked what he was hearing and I offered to share my list for him. He in turn shared an alt.country list with me. I look forward to it, will be perfect this summer driving around with fun shit-kicker music.

12:15pm Friday May 18th

I finished a cruelly tortuous proofreading test about 30 minutes prior and my brain is fried.

When my chime chimed I was enjoying microwaved chicken tenders with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce while sitting on the sofa watching the end of an episode of Californication. Life seldom gets better than this combination /s

It’s the penultimate episode of season 4. I had to skip season 3 after the first few episodes. Sometimes (often) I can’t get over how shitty Hank is… and how much they build up the character as Every Man Wants To Be Hank Moody and Every Woman Wants To Fuck Hank Moody… nearly every scene drives this home. It gets old and tiring sometimes, but overall it’s a fun ride and sometimes you just want a fun romp in someone else’s life for a while

8:20am Thursday May 17th

I had just walked into my favorite bagel shop.IMG_2366Even though I was supposed to start a low carb diet yesterday. I have a bad cold, I sound awful and feel not quite as bad. Our house isn’t well stocked with groceries because we were just gone for 10 days… a bagel it was.

I had one yesterday too. Chatted with the same girl that served me yesterday. We agreed starting a diet when you’re sick is a bad idea.

This morning I walked in thinking to myself… A Bagel A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

I always get the Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese. It’s perfection in the form of round bread.

Wednesday May 16th 6:50pm

I was home, corduroy throne and on my iPad.  I’m sick with a cold and I’ve lost my voice. I can barely croak out words. It’s been a busy day. I feel better than I sound, I have that going for me at least.

I was googling Laryngitis and various tidbits of information about losing your voice. Whispering probably is bad for your vocal cords and full on talking or singing is too. This sucks.

And a whoops moment!  Steven was on the earlier train, arriving at 6:55…. ooops!  I left the house at 6:55, and he was outside waiting for me for 10 minutes. Naughty naughty me. (His usual train gets in at 7:10, so that’s my excuse… I’m on cold medicine, can’t speak and I forgot what train he was on.

7:40pm May 15th Tuesday

It was very hard to say where I was or when I was there. I’m flying!!!! I’m somewhere over the Atlantic. When this time landed on this day, I wasn’t sure if it would work for London time or New York time for me on that trip.

When my chimer chimed, I laughed because I was reading Bonk, by Mary Roach, who I’ve read before. I laughed because it was something to giggle about. It was funny!! And not because I was caught reading something sexual.

I will set my timer for a second time this day with a check in for 7:40 Eastern (US) time