7:45am Tuesday January 2nd

I was sitting in the corduroy throne with my iPad and chatting with Steven. I failed to note what we were talking about because I’m writing this hours later. So much for thinking “I can remember”. Note to Self: don’t trust yourself when it comes to memory.

I was supposed to go to the gym early this morning, but after it took me over an hour, almost 90 minutes to fall asleep last night – I turned off my alarm and took what sleep I could.

January 1, 2018 2:15pm

Frustrated with my Statistics and learning R class. I’m just not getting the R part. Wahhh, I’m $50 into it and I don’t want to be a failure but I just might be too dumb for this. I guess I can struggle along until the next payment is due and see where I am and decide then if it’s do-able.

At 2:15pm I was rummaging through my yarn to start a new knitting project, I want and need to do something FUN. Time to do a swatch and learn a new stitch.

Down for “Repairs”

Not the site, but me.  I was hit with food poisoning and felt like crap if I wasn’t actively emptying my digestive system from both ends of my body.

My last words before I hit publish, but didn’t three days ago. I’ve had a house of sickness. First me, then my husband, then my son and I’ve been warning my daughter that she’s next.

I also got confirmation that it wasn’t food poisoning. It was the Norovirus, and what a miserable experience. I only know it was Noro because I saw a nurse practitioner and, she like me, thought it best to have my stool analyzed.  I was previously hit with C Diff, and that can flare up again. It very much felt/resemble/smelled like C Diff again. But the results came back earlier today, and it was not C Diff, but Norovirus.

I’ll start Some Random Kim again with the new year. I’ll be brand new.

9:50pm Thursday December 21st

One of my latest random times!  I have the times chosen randomly from 8am to 10pm.

I’m on my laptop, was updating my calendar to reflect all the things I’m doing tomorrow. I essentially am moving and doing something for every minute from 8am until 5pm except for one 30 minute window between 10:30am and 11am.  I’m taking my husband to the train at 8, going to the Y by 8:30, doing about 1 hour and 40 minutes of exercise and then I hope to get some time in the steam room, and then I have to leave by 11, for an eye exam at 11:30. Be outta there by 12, get a quick lunch somewhere, and then get myself to LGA (or maybe Brooklyn to pick up Steven) and then get the kids, and then back home, hopefully by 5/5:30. Ugh. At least we’re planning on take out pizza tomorrow.

Monday, 7pm December 18th

At 7pm I was in the pool doing laps. Check out my other blog, Tri Kim Tri where I log my workouts as I’m training for a triathlon.

I first ran at the gym, treadmill for 30 minutes. Feeling quite good at it. Then to the pool for laps. I can actually do it now with my snorkel and it’s hard!  Well, this was my second go at actual laps, and I was much better than I was the first time. Progress is being made and I look forward to becoming a solidly good swimmer. Bit by bit I will become one.

At 7pm I was just getting into the groove of it. I had pushed myself to complete my first lap without stopping, and I did it. From then on I was hooked. From 7:05 or so to 7:10, I kept telling myself, two more laps. Then I’d do one, and I’d tell myself again, two more. Kinda nice to be like that!

3:40pm December 17th, Sunday

We’re out in Hope, NJ again, this time for a cut your own Christmas tree. That task was easily accomplished. Steven was hungry, I kind of am, and definitely wanted a beer.

We came into Hope and Steven remembered a place he had seen before, an Inn, Tavern, Dining. Just what we were looking for!

Turned out we had a fireplace to ourselves, a nice selection of beers and we shared a roast beef and Brie sandwich.

When my reminder popped up, this was to my left

And this was to my right

I’m still feeling the warmth of that fire and I don’t want to leave.