8:50pm Sunday May 13th

I was in my father in laws living room. I wasn’t doing anything special when my chime chimed. I was on Reddit and was reading about some young woman’s weight loss story. Not exciting and not quite the bottom of the barrel for me on Reddit… but maybe it is now that I’m trying to think of the lamest things I read on Reddit. I think I will get unsubscribe from r/loseit… I think I’d be better served from r/keto and some fitness related subs.

It had been a fun and long day and I was very tired. Went up to bed at 9.

2:05pm Saturday May 12th

We had just arrived in Caterham as we were meeting a friend at 2:30 at her place. It turned out that GPS took us to the wrong address but as we were avoiding being painfully early that worked out well. The wrong address was very near a Tesco’s where we would have access to a Hole in the Wall (ATM) and a toilet for each of us.

Today’s picture came from something found online. The afternoon was rainy and the area is very green with tree leaves.

9:45am Friday May 11th

A slow start this morning, we were out a bit late last night. When my chime chimed, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my coffee, a bit of breakfast and my 365 day diary. I had a few days to catch-up on. Breakfast was the last little bit of Indian food from the other night.

Steven accused me of being a diary overachiever. SomeRandomKim is a diary of sorts and my 365 book is also. I guess he’s right but they’re very different, so somehow in my mind they don’t overlap. Today they do, but the book doesn’t mention this blog.

4:20pm Thursday May 10th

I was at London Bridge station on my way back towards Greenwich. When my chime chimed, we had just pulled into the station and this is what I saw.

I told Steven how I’ve always known how to play the song London Bridge (piano, guitar, recorder, clarinet and xylophone) and when I was younger I never would’ve imagined there actually was such a place/bridge as London Bridge. And he told me that there have been several London Bridges and at least one has fallen down. I need to do a little research because I want to know this history and song origins.

8:20pm Wednesday May 9th

Steven and I had just finished popadoms. He was leaning towards the chutney more (very sweet) and I was trying the (warned!) very hot chutney and the green chutney, the sweet chutney and the onions alone and in different combinations. (I liked the cooling green chutney and with the onions the best.

We were having dinner at the Taste of Raj in Blackheath at the recommendation of our friend and his son, whom we had two pints with earlier in the evening. It was very good!! I loooooooooove the flavors of Indian food and I was swooning from all the endorphins as my mouth was exploding with pleasure. Absolutely no hyperbole here, I truly love Indian food.

4:25 Tuesday May 8th

I was just leaving a parking garage in Oxford when my chime went off.

We had spent several hours here with lots of walking around. Old alleyways, a church vault / tea room, the original garage of Morris automotive, and where 3 men were burned alive for their beliefs (1555). A very good day, and I had my first Cream Tea.

12:30 Monday May 7th

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK. At 12:30 we had just finished visiting with Ken, a family friend and recent widower. He’s a wonderful man and it’s always good to see him. He is doing well, albeit lonely.

I got a picture out the window as we were leaving Chislehurst.

I’m sitting in the back seat with Millie, and she’s a dog who smells like a dog and pants incessantly. #cantgethomesoonenough

6:25pm Sunday May 6th

I was in Greenwich walking with an American friend we were able to meet up with as we were all in London at the same time. The plan was to meet at the Cutty Sark pub at 5, enjoy a beer, then Steven would run home at 6:30 to get his father.

While Steven did that, The rest of us went for a walk. I was with our friend and his sister and we were right in front of the old Naval College buildings as we were walking to the Cutty Sark ship.

We were enjoying the view but then a group of stupid drunk Englishmen came by and hassled me some. They were stupid and annoying.

My alert went off when this was happening and since I had a good view of the college, I wanted to get something approximating a picture. One of the lesser obnoxiously drunk guys made it (partly) into the picture.

May 5th 5:25pm Saturday

I’m sitting in a beer garden along the Thames in southeast London. Having a beer and having had some crab just a bit before. The temps are a perfect 68/20 degrees (F/C). I wasn’t sure of the beers, so after the Mr ordered, I said I’ll do the same. We generally have the same taste for beer so I knew I’d be okay.

8:55am Friday May 4th

I was at my desk, my last day here today, and therefore my last morning. I was on my phone googling “plane takeoff thunderstorm” as our flight leaves tonight and there’s a good chance of strong thunderstorms tonight. I wanted to learn more about it. What I found out was they CAN, they’re not forbidden from doing so, the plane CAN withstand lightning strikes and all that is tough about it. But ultimately it’s up to the pilot.

So I texted my husband…

With the idea that an American pilot could very well be some former Navy pilot, adrenaline junkie, Texas cowboy who thinks taking off in a thunderstorm is a fine idea. Or a British fellow who respects foul weather, especially the downdrafts, lightning and hail of a strong warm weather thunderstorm. The Mr. let me know that they are generally Brits. Good. I don’t like flying in thunderstorms… it’s just imminently safer with sunny skies and no weather to speak of.