2:55m Tuesday March 13th

I’m so bored, absolutely nothing much to do for work. I sit here and take care of approximately 2 minutes of actual work every 3 hours. I’m going through a phase of being fucking fed up with this boring ass position. I hate it. Really fucking hate it.

So, what was was I doing at 2:55pm? I was playing a stupid card game. The motherfucker of fucking stupid games… Klondike Solitaire, the granddaddy of I’m-bored-at-work board games.


8:25am Sunday March 11th

I was sound asleep. A bit late for a Sunday, usually I’m awake and lounging in bed at 8:25. Last night was a lousy night of sleep and of course I didn’t fall asleep well until it was morning. Steven didn’t sleep well either. We both woke up about 10 or so. I’ve been doing some mediations and listening to my audiobook up until now (its 11am now)

My bed:

9:15am Saturday morning, March 10th

I’m up and at ’em – somewhat. I’m in the corduroy throne without coffee, Steven is in the kitchen getting the water to boil and I’m in the living room on my iPad.

I was on Reddit and saw a motivational thing using Nadiya Husain and I love her to no end. Had to look at it and that’s when my alert went off.

1:30pm, Friday March 9th

After some technical difficulties, ie, I had these random times set up in my calendar, but I didn’t realize I didn’t have an alert to go along with them.  So much for a reminder that sits silent.

At 1:30 I was at my very boring desk, finished lunch a little while ago, and while Mr. G is still out at lunch – I was playing Hearts and getting my butt kicked.  This whole job is boring still, and I manage to play 3-4 (5 or 6?) games per day with this.  It’s fun, but this job is pathetic.

5:25pm Monday March 5th

I just got home at 5:25 and was sitting in the driveway replying to Steven on the Google Hangouts app on my phone.  He’s not working late tonight in case you were wondering.  My actual time for my random time today was 9:55am and how knows why I didn’t get alerted to it. Ugh. Technology is a pain sometimes. I really am hoping and trying to get into a habit with this daily writing again.

March 4th, 11:45am

I’m puttering around the house a bit.  At 11:45 I had just poured my second glass of selzter and sat down in the corduroy throne. I’m fighting a cold this weekend, it’s not too bad, but I’m taking it easy and drinking lots of fluids (water and seltzer).  Laundry is going and Steven is vacuuming. I need to gear up for shopping and making soup.  I have Beef Stew in mind to give to a friend who’s husband is in ICU, and make Potato Soup for Steven and I.

9am Saturday January 13th

I was eating a bagel that didn’t have enough cream cheese and drinking coffee. Sitting in the front chair in the living room, watching a show on Netflix that is just torture to watch.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is awful, like a train wreck and I can’t not look. His desserts may be amazing, but his personality is not. He’s alright, but to have a tv show of your own, a BIG PERSONALITY is what makes it come alive. He’s kind of a dud when he’s on screen.

The part I dislike so much about this show, is what they put the two bottom scoring contestants through. A crazy, multi multi stage massive project. These are wayyy over the top, perhaps what Zumbo himself is known for. However, these are the weakest contestants, and it’s generally a train wreck to watch. It’s not so much who does the best, it’s who manages to not be the worst. They look like they want to cry in frustration, knowing defeat is staring them right in the eyes. But instead they’re in front of cameras in a tv studio kitchen, smile! Look like you’re enjoying yourself, say something clever to the camera. I couldn’t do it, it would be miserable beyond compare. The episode I finished this morning, Patricia I think it was, almost cried. I don’t blame her and for all I know the previous contestants had their near tears edited out.

It’s now the trashiest show I watch. A train wreck of emotions and the desserts are so over the top, it’s like aversion therapy for me – I don’t want desserts after watching these monstrosities. I’ll keep watching until I start to lose respect for myself.

9am Saturday January 6

I was just getting dressed. Had my snooze button nagging me since 8:15am. Bed felt good and there was nothing pushing me out of it. Hopefully Steven has coffee ready for me downstairs, he always does and I appreciate it, I never assume or take it for granted.

3:30 Thursday, January 4th

Snow storm day! office closed early and to home I went. First the grocery store and then to pick up the husband from the train station. I essentially had all the ingredients to make beef stew except beef broth. While at the store I got that plus mushrooms (they were on sale) and a nice loaf of ciabatta.

At 3:30 when my alert went off, I was getting this picture of Mungo with nice light be the snowy window.