About My Randomness

How Random is determined

I use random.org to select a months worth of times from 8am – 10pm. I used to have it start earlier and run later, but I was realizing I’m pretty consistent, ie boring, with what I’m doing at the start and ends of my day. (It actually got embarrassing that every time before 7:30am was “I was in bed hitting the snooze button”

Once the random times are generated, I randomize that list and from there add them in order to my calendar. I set them up with alerts for the moment. With my phone always by my side, it’s easy to stay on top of the random moment everyday.

Personal Random Policy

I dispassionately follow what random.org generates for me.

I honestly describe what my moment is like, what I’m doing, where I am, perhaps some backstory, or perhaps what I’m thinking of for the future… I really want to capture that moment – even when it’s boring

Basic Bio

I’m a 46yo female in New Jersey. I have a great husband, two teenagers, three cats and a garden that gives me basil and eggplants because that’s what the fucking neighborhood groundhog doesn’t eat (the fucker).