6:40pm Sunday June 3rd

I had just finished up an assessment of sorts for a job I was after.  The more I think about it though, this is a red flag (along with other research I’ve done and what I’ve been told about this position).

I’m an experienced Executive Assistant.  I’m looking for a Temp to Perm position. I have been doing this kind of work for all of my career which goes back 25 years, minus 12 years at home with young kids and a few years when I took some time to do a degree full-time.  Bottom-line:  I know what I’m doing – that is evidenced by holding several positions over the years and having good recommendations on doing them.

Late Thursday last week I was given a list of 4 tasks to complete, each with explicit directions.  Take a look:Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 11.05.30 AM

This is for the birds. I read on Glassdoor the place is micromanaged, and if a few negative reviews are just one data point, I think Task #1 as shown above supports to their suspect micromanaging nature.

I thought about it as I wrote a sentence that was 158 characters… are they really going to highlight each and every sentence checking for character length?  Really?  This is what they choose to do with their time?  I absolutely do not want to work with such people.

When I wrote my 5 sentences and slapped that together as for a Cover Letter, I highlighted that paragraph, and I had 219 characters.  If you took 5 sentences at 144 characters, you would expect 220 characters.  I’d say that was pretty damned good.  I had two sentences in the mid 150-‘s and two sentences in the mid 130’s and one right at 143… it averaged out perfectly.  Throwing in those 150+ character sentences was my test for them.

Monday Morning Update:  I withdrew my candidacy for this position.

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