7:05pm Thursday May 23rd

I was on County Rd in Secaucus. I had just picked up my husband from the train station. He wasn’t going to make his regular train, so I agreed to pick him up from Secaucus. Quicker and easier for him, but for the most part I’m not happy about doing a Secaucus run unless the pickup is no sooner than 7:15/7:30. Traffic can be bad on Rt 3 and I’d just rather skip it.

Tonight being on Country Rd is a different route we’re taking from the station lately. They’ve got construction going on this summer on Rt3 so its gone from Bad to Worse. I say screw that shit. We take a detour that is actually a fairly decent drive.

When my chime chimed, we were going past one of the Goya buildings, this one is very nice and new, I’m going to guess its their headquarters.  I have fantasies about working here one day, I love their products… there’s got to be a role for me somewhere in their operations.  I’m an Executive Assistant by the way, if you’re reading this Goya…

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