Wednesday May 23rd 11:45am

I was in the hospital – in recovery on the 6th floor. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?  Well this was a planned small surgical procedure to remove my power port from my chest.  I liked to call this the the uninstall of the port.  It was installed at the beginning of my cancer treatment in January of 2017. I finished treatment in May of 2017, and now being a year out from that, I can have my port removed.  A year is the most likely time my cancer would come back, and while I’m not 1,000% in the clear (that will never happen) but my risk more or less goes to that of everyone else after 2 years.

My small surgery didn’t take long and I wasn’t knocked out, just a simple incision on my chest, a pain med (Fentanyl) in my IV during, a few numbing Lidocaine shots to the incision site, and I was completely fine for it.  I’m writing this a few hours later, took some Advil and Tylenol when I got home and I’m fine.


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