4:35pm Monday May 21st

Well, it was bound to happen… my random time chimed when I was on the toilet. I was peeing!  Yes, I’m human I and do that.  Lately A LOT.  My water bottle is 25oz and I have a cold so I’m keeping myself well hydrated.  Drinking lots means peeing a lot… so there I was at 4;35… peeing.

I had just gotten off the phone for a short phone interview.  Kinda weird, they called it a phone screen but it was more of an interview and was 30 minutes. A screen to me is less than 15 minutes… closer to 30 minutes it’s an interview.  Which if true, then it probably went well.  If I wasn’t what they were looking for it would’ve been shorter.  I still think its weird and mildly annoying that they have a phone screen plus an interview for a gig that is 4-6 weeks long. It could lead to something more, which would be nice (I expect).  So I’ll play their game.

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