Sunday 7:35pm May 20th

I was eating dinner, leftovers from the night before (green chicken chili) and I was in the living room. Shamefully, we seldom eat dinner at the dining table. We do if we have company or certain meals when the kids are here, we’ll eat at the table. 99% of the time its just the husband and I, and we’re in the living room.

We usually always watch something on TV while we eat. Usually we aim for a half hour show, lighter and fun as apposed to a drama of heaven forbid, something like the Walking Dead which we gave up on several years ago.

I have been watching Californication lately and now the husband wants to watch with me.  I understood that he previously watched the show, but it turns out he didn’t get to the 5th season… so now we watch it together.  Kinda interesting, he laughs A LOT at the BS that Hank pulls… While I can see the humor in it, it plays off as Male Fantasy to me. Like “this is what I dream of being like.. don’t give a shit” kind of attitude. A lot of it is very juvenile and I’m beyond that.  My husband?  Not as much as I thought he was. Oh well.

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