12:15pm Friday May 18th

I finished a cruelly tortuous proofreading test about 30 minutes prior and my brain is fried.

When my chime chimed I was enjoying microwaved chicken tenders with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce while sitting on the sofa watching the end of an episode of Californication. Life seldom gets better than this combination /s

It’s the penultimate episode of season 4. I had to skip season 3 after the first few episodes. Sometimes (often) I can’t get over how shitty Hank is… and how much they build up the character as Every Man Wants To Be Hank Moody and Every Woman Wants To Fuck Hank Moody… nearly every scene drives this home. It gets old and tiring sometimes, but overall it’s a fun ride and sometimes you just want a fun romp in someone else’s life for a while

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