Wednesday May 16th 6:50pm

I was home, corduroy throne and on my iPad.  I’m sick with a cold and I’ve lost my voice. I can barely croak out words. It’s been a busy day. I feel better than I sound, I have that going for me at least.

I was googling Laryngitis and various tidbits of information about losing your voice. Whispering probably is bad for your vocal cords and full on talking or singing is too. This sucks.

And a whoops moment!  Steven was on the earlier train, arriving at 6:55…. ooops!  I left the house at 6:55, and he was outside waiting for me for 10 minutes. Naughty naughty me. (His usual train gets in at 7:10, so that’s my excuse… I’m on cold medicine, can’t speak and I forgot what train he was on.

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