6:25pm Sunday May 6th

I was in Greenwich walking with an American friend we were able to meet up with as we were all in London at the same time. The plan was to meet at the Cutty Sark pub at 5, enjoy a beer, then Steven would run home at 6:30 to get his father.

While Steven did that, The rest of us went for a walk. I was with our friend and his sister and we were right in front of the old Naval College buildings as we were walking to the Cutty Sark ship.

We were enjoying the view but then a group of stupid drunk Englishmen came by and hassled me some. They were stupid and annoying.

My alert went off when this was happening and since I had a good view of the college, I wanted to get something approximating a picture. One of the lesser obnoxiously drunk guys made it (partly) into the picture.

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