8:55am Friday May 4th

I was at my desk, my last day here today, and therefore my last morning. I was on my phone googling “plane takeoff thunderstorm” as our flight leaves tonight and there’s a good chance of strong thunderstorms tonight. I wanted to learn more about it. What I found out was they CAN, they’re not forbidden from doing so, the plane CAN withstand lightning strikes and all that is tough about it. But ultimately it’s up to the pilot.

So I texted my husband…

With the idea that an American pilot could very well be some former Navy pilot, adrenaline junkie, Texas cowboy who thinks taking off in a thunderstorm is a fine idea. Or a British fellow who respects foul weather, especially the downdrafts, lightning and hail of a strong warm weather thunderstorm. The Mr. let me know that they are generally Brits. Good. I don’t like flying in thunderstorms… it’s just imminently safer with sunny skies and no weather to speak of.

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