9:05am Wednesday May 2nd

I was looking at my phone and trying to figure out this situation.

My backup failed and I’m out of room on my icloud space. I had this message the other week and my husband made it work for me, so I’m at a loss here.

When my chime chimed, surprise! It’s 9:05am, What Are You Doing? I was googling, how to make space on your icloud drive, where to even find where to do anything with it. So I found, Setting, Backup and then to look for the Manage Storage… It tells me this…

So, I’m not sure about deleting a backup because don’t you have backups to be there when you need them? And if I deleted it, then I’d be without one… ugh. And that first backup was from Sunday, the last backup of my previous phone before upgrading to a new one.

[this quandry ended when I texted my husband with a screen shot of my backups situation and he called me. It’s okay to delete the Iphone backup because I need to make room for the new one. And I’ll have to wait until I’m on wi-fi… which I don’t have at work, so it’ll be tonight when I get home]

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