Tuesday May 1st 12:40pm

I was driving on Route 80 to my 1:00pm meeting with a temp agency. My current gig ends on Friday and it’s time to start rattling the cages of these types of agencies.

Traffic was moderate and my journey was expected to be 21 minutes. It felt like a long ways out, even as I was doing 75-80mph and it more or less couldn’t be quicker … I thought working out this way would be a good thing, but what would it be like in traffic? It would take forever! My commute would easily be over an hour, and if I’m back to doing that again, I might as well work in the city. This sucks.

I really am spoiled where I am now, 15 minutes in the morning and no more than 20 minutes in the evening. As Steven says, it’s almost not a commute at all… it’s so easy. Life is one difficult situation after another.

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