Monday April 30th, 8:05am

My random times have the earliest possible time of 8am, and today we landed for 8:05am.  I have my random times from 8am until 10pm because there isn’t much variability and reading out/looking back on such times would be boring.

On a workday, we leave the house at 8:04am.  At 8am, I’m usually the one to notice its time to leave, and we get our stuff together and head to the car. Steven noticed a while back that we’re in the car at 8:04 consistently.

At 8:05, we were at the end of our street, we were running a bit late but not much more than a minute or so.  I was driving, so Steven took this picture for me… I kinda hoped the Saab emblem on the steering wheel would show up more, but I got what I got.

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