9am Saturday January 13th

I was eating a bagel that didn’t have enough cream cheese and drinking coffee. Sitting in the front chair in the living room, watching a show on Netflix that is just torture to watch.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts is awful, like a train wreck and I can’t not look. His desserts may be amazing, but his personality is not. He’s alright, but to have a tv show of your own, a BIG PERSONALITY is what makes it come alive. He’s kind of a dud when he’s on screen.

The part I dislike so much about this show, is what they put the two bottom scoring contestants through. A crazy, multi multi stage massive project. These are wayyy over the top, perhaps what Zumbo himself is known for. However, these are the weakest contestants, and it’s generally a train wreck to watch. It’s not so much who does the best, it’s who manages to not be the worst. They look like they want to cry in frustration, knowing defeat is staring them right in the eyes. But instead they’re in front of cameras in a tv studio kitchen, smile! Look like you’re enjoying yourself, say something clever to the camera. I couldn’t do it, it would be miserable beyond compare. The episode I finished this morning, Patricia I think it was, almost cried. I don’t blame her and for all I know the previous contestants had their near tears edited out.

It’s now the trashiest show I watch. A train wreck of emotions and the desserts are so over the top, it’s like aversion therapy for me – I don’t want desserts after watching these monstrosities. I’ll keep watching until I start to lose respect for myself.

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