Down for “Repairs”

Not the site, but me.  I was hit with food poisoning and felt like crap if I wasn’t actively emptying my digestive system from both ends of my body.

My last words before I hit publish, but didn’t three days ago. I’ve had a house of sickness. First me, then my husband, then my son and I’ve been warning my daughter that she’s next.

I also got confirmation that it wasn’t food poisoning. It was the Norovirus, and what a miserable experience. I only know it was Noro because I saw a nurse practitioner and, she like me, thought it best to have my stool analyzed.  I was previously hit with C Diff, and that can flare up again. It very much felt/resemble/smelled like C Diff again. But the results came back earlier today, and it was not C Diff, but Norovirus.

I’ll start Some Random Kim again with the new year. I’ll be brand new.

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