Monday, 7pm December 18th

At 7pm I was in the pool doing laps. Check out my other blog, Tri Kim Tri where I log my workouts as I’m training for a triathlon.

I first ran at the gym, treadmill for 30 minutes. Feeling quite good at it. Then to the pool for laps. I can actually do it now with my snorkel and it’s hard!  Well, this was my second go at actual laps, and I was much better than I was the first time. Progress is being made and I look forward to becoming a solidly good swimmer. Bit by bit I will become one.

At 7pm I was just getting into the groove of it. I had pushed myself to complete my first lap without stopping, and I did it. From then on I was hooked. From 7:05 or so to 7:10, I kept telling myself, two more laps. Then I’d do one, and I’d tell myself again, two more. Kinda nice to be like that!

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