9:35am Monday November 27th

I’ve recently set up my Fitbit with a silent alarm every morning for my daily random moment.

I’m at work and had gone for a short walk for my hourly 250 steps. From my desk to the kitchen and back the long way, I can *just* get the steps I need doing that. This time however, I decided the toilet would be a good choice. I had just sat down to pee and my wrist starts buzzing! It’s my random time and I’m peeing. Had to happen eventually. Previously, I would’ve gotten back to my desk and would’ve guessed I was walking the hallways.

The first toilet stall I wanted to use wasn’t flushed. Weird, but no biggie. I pressed the button to flush it and it wasn’t working, it was completely dead. Oh well, I jumped to the next stall for my business (my silent alarm went off). I was pondering the idea of if I should report the non-working toilet to Rich, the facilities guy or not. When I swung by his office, he wasn’t there. But he was right there in the kitchen, so I let him know. He’s a nice guy.

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