11am, October 27th, Friday

Trying a new angle for Some Random Kim and it will be tagged as “the last good thought I had” and will describe that thought.

Just a short time ago, I was in Grand Central Station in the city. I stopped for something to eat as I hadn’t eaten anything yet today. I got a small coffee and a Danish pastry that I probably mispronounced as I ordered.

It had the most flaky, most wonderful circular pastry that had a chocolate stripe on its outer edge and a vanilla custard in the middle – you could actually see the seeds from the vanilla bean. It was a mess eating because of the flakiness but I would scoop up the larger flakes and place them on top of my next bite which invariably would create more flakes!

The thought I wanted to capture for this moment has to do with my low-carb diet…

Carbs don’t count when they’re in wonderfully delicious flaky pastries.

It takes a lot of butter to get those layers and in part, where the flavor comes from. And if they do count? Then a treat like this is definitely the way to break the diet. Amen.

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