1:35pm, Tuesday, September 19th

I was in the middle of a texting mess.  Three friends and I. I don’t remember who started the group, Maureen I think. We learned yesterday that a common friend to us four is in the hospital. So!  We will all join up and go together.

First, I wasn’t entirely sure who was in the text group; there was a number and an email that didn’t have a name in it.  It got confusing for us all because it turned out they weren’t even sure I was me, “Kim with an I”.  So, about 5 minutes after my chime, everyone was identified, not Jane, but yes it’s Sheila and Anita with me and Maureen. I’m the driver. At least once, probably twice, I referred to everyone by the wrong name and they had to correct me, and that would be followed with “this is Kim, right?” but by the end, we got it right (I’m pretty sure)


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