5:15pm Monday, September 18th

I was with my oncologist and had Steven with me.  I’ve had some symptoms of my cancer happening in the last few weeks, night sweats and increasing heart rate – which is exactly how my cancer first presented itself.  So, I called into the office earlier today and took advantage of an appointment at the end of the afternoon.

He felt no lumps in my abdomen, I have no fever and am otherwise feeling FANTASTIC (hell, I walked 16 miles yesterday, how’s THAT for feeling good?). But, I “won” a PET scan they’ll schedule for ASAP, and these types of doctors never turn down the chance for taking blood, so I also had blood tests. Now, we’ll wait and see.

I’m fine with this possibility. It will suck but it’s simply a hurdle. I’m treatable and curable. I have not only Plan B with my oncologist, I also have Plan C.  Steven is worried about losing me, he truly worries.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s WAY TOO EARLY to be worried. I’m doing too good for something to be really wrong. If something is wrong, it’s not big and scary… it’s a hurdle to get over. And I will.


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