9:35am Thursday, September 14th

I had just pulled onto our street. I didn’t take Steven to the train up the hill this morning, I took him to Secaucus instead. That got me an extra 30 minutes in bed.  I was slow to wake up this morning despite probably having a perfect nights sleep – I didn’t wake up once (well, maybe I did for the toilet, but I must’ve done it zombie style) I haven’t checked my Fitbit data.

I imagined at 7:50 this morning, me driving up the hill to the train station. Being drowsy and just not quite “with it”. I get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. I even fail the dexterity test, the stand on one foot on a line and touch your hand to your nose without looking kind of thing. So once I fail that, I’m to be taken to the hospital for a blood test. But I don’t want to leave my car where I pulled over, I want to get off the main street and go around the corner to a quieter side street. And the officer doesn’t want me to do this because I’m supposedly “drunk”. And then I start arguing with him that I’m not and I’m confident the blood test will not show any alcohol or other intoxicants in my body. Period.

Well, this is when I realized this is a stupid scenario I just played out in my mind.  I ask Steven, How about Seacaucus? It’ll buy me an extra 30 minutes for a nap. Steven says Sure. If you need it, do it.  And so I did, and it helped some.

So, that is the story of how I was coming home at 9:35 from dropping Steven off at the train.

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