6:10pm Tuesday September 12th (v2)

(I wrote this one but then I forgot to hit publish, then later on my phone I wrote another one. While this one is labelled v2, its published 2nd but written first.

I’m at home. It’s been a while it feels like. I’ve been go-go-go since Saturday morning.  I’m resting.  For a short bit.

I was in the corduroy throne and when my reminder chime went off, I was texting with Steven. Coordinating schedules as we’re down to one car this week. I have my first volleyball league match tonight at 8 and my wonderful Steven is coming in on a train at 7:25. It’ll be close, but it’ll be doable.   And then when I get home after 9:30 tonight, I can actually rest!  Not much scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.  Well, a road-trip tomorrow, but that’s not really an “active” sort of activity.


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