5:30 Sunday September 10th

I was at home, lounging on the sofa with serious purpose. I didn’t do the 15 miles I had hoped for and did 13 instead. I need to pack a lunch when I’m walking for over 5 hours (duh – a Kind Bar just isn’t going to cut it).

So, I was on the sofa and I was watching Project Runway which had been waiting for me since Thursday night. I was so hoping the twins were going to get nailed for cheating, but I guess this was an episode leading up to it. Hopefully this week. They are annoying and certainly no where near winner quality.

I thought this dress was so pretty and I was so happy for Kentaro to pull it off. It has such a full skirt, it might strangle your low half while you sleep! It was a SLEEPWEAR challenge after all.

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