4pm Friday, September 8th

Well, as my calendar reminded me it’s 4 pm, I had literally just opened up my phone! I need to dig through a year of text messages for my friend, D’s address. I’m picking her up at 10 am tomorrow. I could probably get to her home within a few blocks, but the address is what will make it happen. We are headed to the Mushroom Festival in Kennet Square, PA and I’m driving.

We did this together last year and had a very good time. I’m poorer this year and think I want to approach the food thing differently. Last year we shared different dishes of food, I think to try a wider variety of different dishes. That worked okay… she’s strictly vegetarian and I eat everything. I felt I had to compromise on dishes more than I really wanted to.

So this year, I’ll approach it differently. Maybe I can explain I’m doing low-carb now and need my calories with more protein and fat. But at the same time, I will say yes to carbs tomorrow… ie that mushroom crepe we shared last year. Serious yum, but!  another point I could make, it was soooo good, I don’t want to share one this year 🙂

The picture is from last year. And no. It’s not one of those groovy kind of mushroom festivals. This is family fun kind of festival.

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