8:15 am, September 6th – a post I don’t want to write

I don’t want to write this one.  Yet AGAIN, like the 3rd time in the previous 10 days or so… I’ve had an earlyish morning random moment, and I’ve slept through it. My alert went off at 8:15 and I was snoozing hard. I knew I would as I slept like crap the night before, I must’ve woke up at least a dozen times, plenty of tossing and turning. It was miserable, I was tired, why couldn’t I sleep?

I hoped my Fitbit data would back me up, but no dice. I don’t feel it really captured just how bad it was.  Mind you, it doesn’t look like a good night of sleep. But I was a lot more awake than this data lets on.  Wahhhh poor me.  I eventually woke up when Steven left for work, and then I came downstairs to a lonely house. I’ve been feeling the loneliness a bit when I’m home alone. I like company, and Steven’s company especially. Because I missed him this morning, I won’t have his company all day, not until the evening, because he’s going out tonight.  Hopefully, home by 9 or so.

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