10:25am Sunday August 27th

I was doing my long walk, a 10.5-mile walk, from the GWB to Soho.  At 10:25 I was on the Henry Hudson Greenway at 134th, about an hour in and a little over 3 miles in. In the end, I did take about 45 minutes longer than I expected. But who cares – I DID IT!

I set it as a goal in early June that by September 1st, I would do a 10-mile walk. I planned this one out in late June so that it would finish at our favorite bar in Soho and they serve brunch on Sundays. It’s the Ear Inn, and I recommend it to everyone except for French tourists, they’re getting to be a bit much. Today’s group had multiple phone and Facetime calls which was annoying with the FIRST such call.

The picture below is a panorama of where I was at 10:25. To the left is south, to right is north and in the middle is the Hudson River and New Jersey.


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