Saturday August 26th 3:20pm

I am sitting on my ass. Playing on my laptop, my chime interrupted a game of Sporcle Trivia Bingo.  Yes, pretty lame, but that is what I was doing. I want to physically take it easy today. I did nearly 14,000 steps yesterday somehow and I’m doing a 10-mile walk tomorrow. I think I need to take it easy, even if it feels lame.

Screenshot 2017-08-26 at 3.23.25 PM

Now that I’ve studied this screenshot of where I left off on this BINGO board, it’s a matter of eliminating all the squares that aren’t countries… so that makes the answer JAPAN. Even when I do automatically know the answer, I have to scan/read through all the boxes to find the answer. When you’re playing against others, you have to go FAST.

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