Friday, 9:15am August 25th

I was making my coffee in the kitchen.  Sure, Steven makes the coffee – we have his and hers french presses. I like a longer brew on mine, at least 15 minutes.

Just this week I’ve been making Bulletproof Coffee and I have to say I like it and what it seemingly does for me. As my chime went off, I was adding the “ingredients” into the blender for a good whirl. I was also thinking that adding some kind of cream would be nice and some ice… make it a frappe kind of drink.  Maybe.

For those that don’t know, Bulletproof Coffee is coffee with coconut oil and butter. Fat helps with weight loss, especially the coconut oil, it really revs up the body’s metabolism and lessens your appetite as well.

That reminds me… I should wrap up this post so I can fold laundry, and then I can read my current book, Eat Fat, Get Thin.



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