10:45am Wednesday December 13th

I’m at work, doing well. Just finished up more Spanish Verbs to study on my flash cards app/website.

I was actually reading the Washington Post. While I had been reading about the election last night in Alabama, when my alarm went off I had been reading about the $18,000 Uber ride in Toronto. Was imagining winning Powerball tonight as well, and how I would go out in the city and could Uber or Lyft my way back home from nights in the city. Life would be pretty sweet with tons of money and being outside of New York.

1:00pm Monday, December 11th

I just walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor of my building to go eat in the kitchen. As my wrist was buzzing, I assumed it was my congratulations for the steps I had taken, oops! I should’ve known the time better.

Lunch today was a Waldorf Salad with chicken added. Yum! Once or twice a week I drive 5-6 minutes to a larger office complex that has a pretty good cafe/salad bar and they’re very reasonably priced too. Although, I don’t recommend their brownies, I got one and it was disappointing.

9:45am Sunday December 10th

I was still in bed. Didn’t intend to still be there, just happened that way. I don’t know when Steven got up, I must’ve been sound asleep and he let me sleep. I should set a weekend alarm for 8 or 8:30 so things like this don’t happen again. I’ve decided I sleep better when I maintain a solid schedule. 9:45 sleeping this morning is going to throw me tonight .

1:10pm Saturday December 9th

I was at Shoprite, paying for a few grocery items.

On my list was, shredded cheese that was on sale (needed for the sausage cheese egg cups I was making), oil (for roasting veggies, grape seed oil is the way to go), toothpaste (his and hers type, because were that kind of household) and parsley in a tube (turns out the 4 tubes of basil I have aren’t in fact, parsley) (making meatloaf as well this afternoon)

1:25 Friday December 8th

I was at my oncologist office with his nurse. I was overdue for a port flush and thought that it would be simple enough to do during my lunch 3/4 hour. It was supposed to be quick in and out basically. But of course it was about a 20 minute wait for Marianne, then she still wasn’t quite ready for what she was doing. Frustrating.

It didn’t help after I left, went to a good Empanada place for another quick in and out situation but it wasn’t. Two older couples, apparently out being “adventurous”. They needed serious hand holding and apparently never imagined empanadas or stewed pork over rice. Painfully slow. But I ordered en Español muy bien.

9:30am Thursday December 7th

I’m at work, already slightly bored. At 9:30 I was reading about Montclair, NJ on Wikipedia. This is my third day of reading about towns/cities on Wikipedia and so far I’m finding it difficult to find really interesting stories there. Maybe I got spoiled by Paterson two days ago. Maybe I’ll look at larger towns. Maybe it’s just the nature of what I’m doing, have to wade through plenty of garbage to find a gem.

I can’t wait for next week at this boring job. Then I’ll have a better computer with a screen that doesn’t face out into the room, and I can do online classes galore! Something to do, something to work towards.

11:20 Wednesday December 6th

Somehow I’ve made my boring job not so boring. Plenty of things to do that I’ve set up for myself.

When my alert went off at 11:20, I had just finished something and was looking at my list to decide what to do next.

Hiragana 1 I did. I’m re-learning Hiragana, my book makes it really easy and there’s 6 lessons. I aim to do one in the morning and a second one in the afternoon.

FI3M is the book I’m reading, Fluent in 3 Months. It’s awesome and Benny is awesome. I’ll aim for something close to fluency in Spanish while I’m at this boring job. I want to read Chapter 2 today. It’s a library book so I need to get my hustle on.

5 new things in Excel. I’m playing with Excel a lot lately and want to dive deeper. I’ve got VLookup and CountIf down… pivot tables too.

Read 3 cities NP- this is Wikipedia, I read Paterson, NJ Notable People yesterday and there’s some very interesting stories in there.

I’ve been using Quizlet for flash cards on my phone and their website has great learning tools too. So I have to Learn and Test for Ch 1 and for Time I’m ready to test for this.

A busy day! Y mucho español!