9:05pm Sunday April 1

I was on the sofa with Steven, we were watching the season 2 finale of Billions. It was our third episode of the evening. Axe was about to get arrested, Taylor was about to be appointed CIO, Lara was being difficult.

Its a fun ride this show. It’s far from great, but its fun. The rock and roll soundtrack gets to be a bit much, and feels like its trying to appeal to the wanna-be Axe’s of the world with their machismo.

Seeing Taylor and their shaved head… I had my hair like that for a time last summer…. I’m almost tempted to do it again the more I see this character. But she’s not real. I saw the actor in an interview and they wear their hair shorter than I do, but not as short as Taylor.

1:20pm Monday April 2

I was at my desk finishing lunch. I ran up the street to very good Korean place. This time I had the Gangnam Style Kimchi Pancake. yum! Was just right for today..

My lunch is supposed to be 12:30 – 1:15. But when Mr. G leaves before me, I’ll give myself a window to leave as late as 1:00, and I’ll still take my 45 minutes. He never takes less than 90 minutes, usually its closer to a 2 hour lunch for him.

So today, my minutes was shifted a bit. I didn’t realize all morning that I hadn’t watched Homeland yet. As I watched the first six seasons one after the other earlier this year, it’s odd to have to wait for an episode now. Such is life…

6pm Saturday March 31st

I was sitting at a red light, as a passenger. Me and Steven had just done a 5+ mile walk that wasn’t easy.  We were talking about where we would eat and where/how we would have a drink. The last 2.3 miles took 90 minutes. It was tough and we were tired. We did 20 geocaches which was fun, but the walk back was brutal.


12:45 Friday March 30th

I was “at lunch” and I had run out to get two geocaches during my lunch break.  I ordered Thai takeout from a place near where I was going to be, and it worked out perfectly!

At 12:45pm, when my alert went off… I was driving from geocache #1 to geocache #2.  It was an unpaved area, it was a new-ish park like spot.

5:40pm Thursday March 29th

I was geocaching!  I had told a co-worker about it last weekend and he was intrigued, so I offered to take him out for two caches that were local to the office.  It would be an introduction.

So, when my alert sounded, I was looking in a tree, very similar to this one, but less grand and the lighting wasn’t lovely.  It’s early spring, and looks and feels more like late winter more than early spring.

9am March 28, 2018

Bored bored bored. Was sitting at my desk semi- reading the Washington Post… half an hour at work and I was already bored. Was thinking at the moment, this sucks, this can’t go on.

All day long I’ve had to think about this, and there’s really nothing I can say about this steaming pile of shit that is also known as my job.

2:55m Tuesday March 13th

I’m so bored, absolutely nothing much to do for work. I sit here and take care of approximately 2 minutes of actual work every 3 hours. I’m going through a phase of being fucking fed up with this boring ass position. I hate it. Really fucking hate it.

So, what was was I doing at 2:55pm? I was playing a stupid card game. The motherfucker of fucking stupid games… Klondike Solitaire, the granddaddy of I’m-bored-at-work board games.


8:25am Sunday March 11th

I was sound asleep. A bit late for a Sunday, usually I’m awake and lounging in bed at 8:25. Last night was a lousy night of sleep and of course I didn’t fall asleep well until it was morning. Steven didn’t sleep well either. We both woke up about 10 or so. I’ve been doing some mediations and listening to my audiobook up until now (its 11am now)

My bed:

9:15am Saturday morning, March 10th

I’m up and at ’em – somewhat. I’m in the corduroy throne without coffee, Steven is in the kitchen getting the water to boil and I’m in the living room on my iPad.

I was on Reddit and saw a motivational thing using Nadiya Husain and I love her to no end. Had to look at it and that’s when my alert went off.

1:30pm, Friday March 9th

After some technical difficulties, ie, I had these random times set up in my calendar, but I didn’t realize I didn’t have an alert to go along with them.  So much for a reminder that sits silent.

At 1:30 I was at my very boring desk, finished lunch a little while ago, and while Mr. G is still out at lunch – I was playing Hearts and getting my butt kicked.  This whole job is boring still, and I manage to play 3-4 (5 or 6?) games per day with this.  It’s fun, but this job is pathetic.