6:40pm Sunday June 3rd

I had just finished up an assessment of sorts for a job I was after.  The more I think about it though, this is a red flag (along with other research I’ve done and what I’ve been told about this position).

I’m an experienced Executive Assistant.  I’m looking for a Temp to Perm position. I have been doing this kind of work for all of my career which goes back 25 years, minus 12 years at home with young kids and a few years when I took some time to do a degree full-time.  Bottom-line:  I know what I’m doing – that is evidenced by holding several positions over the years and having good recommendations on doing them.

Late Thursday last week I was given a list of 4 tasks to complete, each with explicit directions.  Take a look:Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 11.05.30 AM

This is for the birds. I read on Glassdoor the place is micromanaged, and if a few negative reviews are just one data point, I think Task #1 as shown above supports to their suspect micromanaging nature.

I thought about it as I wrote a sentence that was 158 characters… are they really going to highlight each and every sentence checking for character length?  Really?  This is what they choose to do with their time?  I absolutely do not want to work with such people.

When I wrote my 5 sentences and slapped that together as for a Cover Letter, I highlighted that paragraph, and I had 219 characters.  If you took 5 sentences at 144 characters, you would expect 220 characters.  I’d say that was pretty damned good.  I had two sentences in the mid 150-‘s and two sentences in the mid 130’s and one right at 143… it averaged out perfectly.  Throwing in those 150+ character sentences was my test for them.

Monday Morning Update:  I withdrew my candidacy for this position.

9:40am Saturday June 2nd

Well, as I typically do in the morning, I was sitting on the corduroy throne drinking coffee and reading the NY Times on my iPad.  This morning I was reading about the Orange Monster we have in the White House. (I can’t wait until he either dies a horrible death or goes to jail, or hopefully both).

I’m going to get some shoes on soon and walk to the bagel place soon. I’m in a FitBit Weekend Warrior “contest” and I need to get my steps.  I’m not sure I’ll have time to do anything beyond my 10,000 daily steps. The bagel place is about 4/10th a mile down the street. I used to walk there all the time, then I got out of the habit. Once, my son (who never wants to walk anywhere!) was wondering why we were driving.

9:45pm Friday June 1st

Friday night, we try to watch a movie usually.  During the week in the evenings we’ll usually watch a variety of TV shows.

This is a scene from A Man Called Ove.  I had heard good things about this book and had been listening to it as an audiobook. Steven had heard about this movie because of the Saab connection.

This was a scene when we were learning about Ove’s wife, she was deceased in the movie and this was a flashback.

This evening we did Thai take out for dinner. Our local Thai restaurant is amazing.  They have this dish, Guay Tiew Kua Gai  and it is quite possibly one of the best things I have eaten, ever.  EASILY in the Top 5.  And it’s just down the street from me and is $8.95.   Steven has a sweet tooth and always gets the Pad Thai.  We got a bottle of cheap fizzy to go with, and it was perfect!

Our favorite line from the movie was from the scene with Ove teaching a neighbor woman how to drive, and she accidently bumped another car. Ove is a lifelong Saab driver and always rivalled with another neighbor over his Volvo.  The woman was horrified she bumped the Volvo, but Ove looked over his shoulder, saw the car and said, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a Volvo.   Hilarious!!!

8:35am Thursday May 31st

I was sitting on the corduroy throne reading the NYTimes on my iPad. Not the most attractive picture I know! I had a nice cup of coffee to wash it down with. I had already dropped off my husband at the train station. And I was mentally prepping myself for a 9am Skype Interview.

I interview well and wasn’t too worried about it. It was however my first video interview, once I tested things with my husband last night, I knew I was good to go.

5:30pm May 30th Wednesday

I was walking! Got to a support group early to walk around the parking lot and had hoped for sidewalks (they weren’t there for the road) (and of course this pic is of A SIDEWALKI had started my walk about 10 minutes before and was getting my steps!

I have a new goal of 10,000 steps each day for 30 days and today was day 7. I’m awesome and I’m proud. I suppose my next goal after 30 days is that I just continue well into the future. Chase after my friend Pete who’s been doing 11,000 steps everyday for over 4 years.

7:45 Tuesday (fake Monday) May 29th

I was eating dinner in the living room and we were watching Californication. I’m well into season 6 now. This was the episode with Becca considering/exploring drug use. So of course it makes sense for her to see the buffoon of a rock star who just so happens to have the One and Only Marylin Manson there to have Becca get excited about. I’m aware of Marilyn Manson but don’t follow his career at all. After a quick wiki read about him, I can only say he does in fact look like a Brian Warner… I’m sure if I dug further I could find a no make up version of Brian/Marilyn.

Dinner was a big salad with sliced pepperoni and mozzarella from the deli. Supposedly Italian bread slathered with the last of the good (Kerrygold) butter.

12:25pm May 28th Monday

I was just about to order a sandwich from a newish place I’ve been meaning to try for a while. My husband went here on Saturday and said it was really good. He even had the same thing as he did before.

The first place we tried wasn’t open today, not a surprise as it’s a holiday today. I had decided before we got there though that I wanted a sandwich based on a chicken cutlet.

I found this at 12:25 and I can let you know it was perfect.

Its a place in Upper Montclair, and it seems to be a French bakery with heavy Middle Eastern/Northern African influences. https://marcelbakeryandkitchen.com

3:50pm Sunday May 27th

I’m on a train. It hasn’t left yet, it’s scheduled to leave at 3:52. I came into the city for a walk with my good friend Pete. We did a total of 8 miles today. I’m at 21,083 steps so far today (I was already at 3,000 before I started with Pete).

I’m tired but I feel good. We had lunch near NYU and I had my first shakshuka that I didn’t make myself. What I had was good, crazy hot at first, but was good. What I make compares quite well.

We walked from the World Trade Center Memorial to City Hall to Washington Square Park and up the Highline all the way to 34th and onward to Penn Station (where we started).

9:05am Saturday May 26th

I was still in bed. Early random times on a weekend don’t bode well for me doing anything or being somewhere interesting.

What I can tell you about 9:05 this morning? I was in bed. Had been more awake than asleep since 8:30. I had been hitting my snooze button since then. Then something went wrong (I blame my husbands handling of my phone). I then started to do 5 minute timers. I had promised myself I would get out of bed at 9 and I didn’t. I did get up at 9:10.

11:05am May 25th Friday

I was at Physical Therapy, when my chime chimed I was sitting up on the table with heat on my neck and rhomboids. Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here, but I have a pinched nerve C7 that was causing me a lot of pain from mid March until early May. It took quite a bit to diagnose as well. (It kinda resembled my cancer when it first made itself apparent with similar hip pain).

After heat I do two different neck stretches and then rows. And here is a picture of bands for resistance training. I use the blue.